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Poster Sessions

Posters provide the opportunity to share in-progress or finished research, designs and other explorations that lend themselves to a visual presentation of creative thoughts and ideas. Scholars, scientists, practitioners, and students in Germany and the United States were invited through a virtual or in person format to contribute their work to the discussion. The diversity of the submitted posters allows to compare and contrast different approaches that address common challenges.

Photo: Michael Allen

Michael Allen

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Rutgers University
Facilitating Joint Spatial Planning for Imperiled Species and Coastal Resiliency with Habitat Models and Social Data

Photo: Nazia Arbab

Nazia Arbab

Assistant Research Professor
Rutgers University
Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Spatial Forest Assessment. A Case Study of Highlands, New Jersey

Photo: Haley Blakeman

Haley Blakeman, Debbi La Rue

Lessons Learned from Transdisciplinary Response to Climate-Induced Resettlement in South Louisiana

Photo: Vanessa Braun

Vanessa Braun, Daniel Loeschenbrand, Angelika Psenner

FoodMapping for Change – Making Visible Future Resilient Potentials for Urban Environments

Photo: Xiao Chen

Xiao Chen

Rutgers University
Sea Level Rise-Induced Asphalt Pavement Service Life Reduction in Coastal Area

Photo: Tyler Holden

Tyler Holden

Rutgers University
Atlantis: Let the Water in

Photo: Yamika Ketu

Yamika Ketu

Associate Governance
Ceres Accelerator for Sustainable Capital Markets
Capital for Climate: Addressing Climate Change via Public Banks

Photo: Mitchell Krock

Mitchell Krock

Postdoctoral Student
Rutgers University
Non-stationary Seasonal Model for Daily Mean Temperature Distribution Bridging Bulk and Tails

Photo: Bryce Lawrence

Bryce T. Lawrence

Research Scientist / Educator
TU Dortmund
The County Diagnostic: A Regional Environmental Footprint Framework for the USA

Photo: Matthew Polsky

Matthew Polsky

Sustainability Change Agent
Fairleigh Dickinson University
A Personal Learning Bridge: How New Jersey and the World, Including Europe and Germany, Might Learn From Each Other

Photo: Lela Robinson

Lela Robinson

Mapping Consultant
Cornell University Cooperative Extension
Design Research: A Landscape Approach To Carbon Sequestration

Photo: Andrew Reilly

Andrew Reilly

University of Massachusetts
A Landscape of Call and Response: How New York Parks React to Climate Change

Photo: Anushka Srivastava

Anushka Srivastava

Columbia University
Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies and New Jersey Tropical Precipitation: 1982–2020

Photo: Delaney Zubrick

Delaney Zubrick

Rutgers University
Green Network