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Current Interns

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Tyler Holden is an undergraduate student at Rutgers University. He is pursuing a major in Landscape Architecture, and is planning to receive his masters in Landscape Architecture this upcoming year. As a designer he intends on helping to properly plan spaces to maximize the potential and opportunity of our green spaces in a rapidly urbanizing state. The best parks have the perfect blend of natural and meticulously designed elements.

As a Cues Intern, Tyler has primarily worked on the Mercer County Parks data collection. His work has included data collection, data analysis, and the synthesis of the two into map creation. Through map making tools like ArcGIS Pro and Arc Collector he has been involved with every step of map creation. Starting with on site data collection and learning about the site, to map creation and data analyzation, to the creation of beautiful cohesive maps.

James Lee is a senior at Rutgers University, and is currently enrolled in the graduate program for Landscape Architecture. His interests lie in the repurposing of post-industrial sites, in an effort to utilize forgotten spaces in a rapidly developing world.

James’s work within CUES has ranged from pouring over historical documents to present day data analysis. He has made extensive use of programs such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and the Adobe Suite, in order to further the progression of projects such as the Mercer County Inventory Mapping Analysis and the Middlesex County Destination 2040 Strategic Process.

Will Magnanini is an undergraduate at Rutgers University. He is pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture and a minor in both Spanish and History. Will is an outdoorsman and a traveler. He hopes to translate his cultural and historical knowledge into design inspiration. Additionally, he wishes to foster more resilient and enjoyable cityscapes by making built form more reflective of organic form.

As a CUES intern, Will is currently working on the Middlesex County Open Space Update. Up to this point in time, he has worked on inventorying the open space facilities for various municipalities in Middlesex County, as well as updating their associated GIS datasets. Also, he has synthesized important information in the Open Space Master Plan elements of these same municipalities, in order to geospatially reference their proposed open space acquisitions.

Lydia Zoe is a graduate student at Rutgers University.  She is pursuing a degree in city and regional planning  focusing on design and redevelopment.  With a undergraduate degree in landscape architecture, she wishes to combine her fields of study in creating a sustainable, lush, and vibrant landscape. 

As a CUES intern, Lydia has worked on the Middlesex County Open Space Update and the Ecological and Inventory surveying of Mercer County Parks. Up to this point in time, she has visited various park and open space facilities to assess and address needs and conditions. She continues to work on developing map and visual graphics to aid alongside GIS data, recommendations, and analysis.