Impacts of Microplastics in the Urban Environment

Conference Presentations

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Thursday, March 28 Presentations

Fate and Transport Panel

  1. Dr. Beth Ravit, Microplastics in NJ Urban Waters (PDF)
  2. Dr. Serpil Guran, Plastic Waste As A Feedstock For Circular Carbon Economy (PDF)
  3. Dr. Nicole Fahrenfeld, Microplastic Research in the Fahrenfeld Lab (PDF)
  4. Dr. Abigail Porter, Microplastic is a Vehicle for Transporting Pharmaceutical-Transforming Microbiomes (PDF)
  5. Dr. Beizhan Yan, Distribution of Microplastics in Waters Around the New York Metropolitan Area and Assessment of their Role as Potential Vectors of Toxic Compounds (PDF)

Alternative Approaches to Plastics Panel

  1. Dr. Kevin Lyons, Alternative Approaches to Plastics (PDF)
  2. Christopher Bodkin, Closing the Loop With Circular Blu (PDF)
  3. John Buonocore, Plastic Removal During Waste Water Treatment (PDF)
  4. Dr. Tom Nosker, Microplastics Waste Solution? (PDF)

Toxicology Panel

  1. Dr. Scott Coffin, Plastic as a Vector for Pollutants in Estuarine and Marine Environments (PDF)
  2. Gina Moreno, Morphometric Effects Of Microplastics On Sac Fry Zebrafish (PDF)
  3. Dr. Brian Pachkowski, The Potential For Human Health Effects From Microplastics (PDF)
  4. Dr. Phoebe Stapleton, Transfer Of Nanoplastics From The Maternal To The Fetal Compartment (PDF)

Friday, March 29 Presentations

Business Approaches to Plastic Waste Panel

  1. Gary Sondermeyer, Plastics Recycling in New Jersey (PDF)
  2. Mike Arcieri, Global Recycling Industry Issues (PDF)
  3. Tristanne Davis, Sustainable Packaging Coalition (PDF)
  4. Tristan Steichen, Introduction to Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (PDF)

Chemical Analysis Panel

  1. Dr. Brian Buckley, Measuring Microplastic Unknowns (PDF)
  2. Dr. Ashok Deshpande, Pyrolysis GC-MS Characterization of Microplastics from the Raritan & Passaic Rivers in NJ (PDF)
  3. Dr. Sherri Mason, UN Working Group Guidelines and Overview of Processing/Analysis Methods (PDF)
  4. Dr. Bridget O'Donnell, Raman Spectroscopic Techniques for Polymer Identification in Plastic Marine Debris (PDF)

Regulatory Panel

  1. Shelly Moore, Trash and Microplastics In California (PDF)
  2. Ron Vance, EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program (PDF)

Next Steps Discussion

  1. Dr. Judith Weis, Improving Microplastic Research (PDF)
  2. Dr. Keith Cooper, Closing Remarks (PDF)