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Woodbridge Open Space Vision

Preparing a presentation.
Because of COVID-19, students had to prepare for an online presentation.

In May 2021, we see light at the end of the tunnel. We are cautiously optimistic that the pandemic will be manageable because of widespread vaccination, face-to-face social interaction will hopefully soon resume. However, the experience of the past year has shown the importance of public and private open space; for safe outdoor recreation and for economic activity including outside shopping and dining.

The suburbs have lower population density and ample open space, making them even more attractive for urban dwellers. Woodbridge is a no exception. At the same time, the sustainability challenges of suburbia are becoming even more daunting with climate change. The dependency on cars is adding to air pollution, vast parking lots increase the danger of flooding through more frequent torrential rain events. These challenges make The Township of Woodbridge in Middlesex County, NJ a very suitable case study to be explored. Further, the Township has a forward-thinking leadership that is taking sustainability and resiliency seriously. The township’s administration provided important information and valuable insights throughout the semester, helping students to address the main design challenges presented.

Presenting the information
Presenting the boards to a virtual audience.
The students
Students showed great resilience to master the pandemic induced challenges.

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