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Newark, NJ, South Street Improvement Project

Draft Design Concept for South Street in Newark, NJ. Zoom in

The South Street Improvement Project is an initiative by the Rutgers Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability (CUES) and the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC), to develop a community driven conceptual streetscape design for South Street, Newark, followed by an "in-the-ground" improvement demonstration project. The proposed streetscape concept plan will incorporate elements of best practices in streetscape design, such as Complete Streets, Green Streets, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. The design will be developed through several community workshops, creating a unified community vision for the future of the street.

The final design will be based on the results of the workshops, and could potentially feature: improved crosswalks, lighting, new traffic calming elements, street trees, street furniture, green infrastructure, gardens and bike lanes. The "in-the-ground" improvement demonstration project will be based on the results of the workshops and the final design and will serve as a real-world example of how an implementation of the conceptual design improvements could benefit local residents. Based on the desires of the community, the demonstration project could include green infrastructure/street trees, public space enhancements or art installations.

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