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Christina Kaunzinger, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Research
Photo: Christina Kaunzinger
Old Blake Hall, Rm. 100, George H. Cook Campus

Dr. Kaunzinger is a community ecologist, with advanced training in species interactions and how these contribute to long-term success of natural community structure. She has worked on urban restoration ecology projects throughout the region, specializing on coastal habitats, inland woodlands, aquatic systems, and environmental education initiatives. Also, she has designed large public ecological education trails and experiences for the Duke Farms new Center for Land Stewardship, a 2,000 acre suburban landscape dedicated to improving understanding and improvement of our urban habitats. She has special experience in understanding the interaction of productivity and food web structure in determining species abundance, and the factors that control the success of species reintroductions following local extinctions. These are all fundamental to understanding the methods needed to restore habitats to degraded land. In addition to her ecological research and field work, she has taught university-level courses in plant ecology, vertebrate zoology, marine ecology, and limnology (the study of aquatic systems) at Rutgers University and Drew University.