Meadowlands District Stormwater Management Publications

  1. Storm Water Utility Feasibility Study (2.7MB PDF)
  2. Storm Water Utility Feasibility Study - Addendum 2. Sea Level Rise (3.25MB PDF)
  3. Bergen County Utilities Authority, Vol. II (73MB ZIP file)
  4. Bergen County Utilities Authority, Vol. III (17MB ZIP file)
  5. CSO Communities in New Jersey (275k PDF)
  6. CSO Map and NJPDES (9MB PDF)
  7. DRAFT-FEMA Tide Gates Inspection Report (29MB PDF)
  8. Guidance for Municipal Stormwater Funding (1MB PDF)
  9. US Army Corps Hackensack Project (192k PDF)
  10. Kearny NJPDES (250k PDF)
  11. North Bergen NJPDES (212k PDF)
  12. Existing Land Use Map (4MB PDF)
  13. NJMC Flood Plan (9MB PDF)
  14. Meadowlands Floodplain Mgmt. Plan Goals Excerpt (603k PDF)
  15. Newark Bay SAR, Rev. Sept. 04 (203k PDF)
  16. Kearny Water Table (313k PDF)
  17. Massachusetts Stormwater Utility 1999 (3MB PDF)
  18. CDM Morris County Stormwater Report (600k PDF)
  19. Stormwater Magazine - The Stormwater Utility: Will It Work in Your Community? (1.5MB PDF)
  20. Congressional Harbor Estuary 905(b) (114k PDF)
  21. Some Doubt on the Effectiveness of 3 Anti-flooding Projects (20k PDF)
  22. An Internet Guide to Financing Stormwater Management (53k PDF)
  23. An Annotated Bibliography of Stormwater Finance Resources (133k PDF)
  24. Urban Stormwater Management (1MB PDF)
  25. Town of Chapel Hill Stormwater Management Program Funding Analysis Cost of Service, and Rate Analysis (610k PDF)
  26. New Options for Stormwater Financing (19k PDF)
  27. Developing and Implementing a Stormwater Management Utility (28k PDF)
  28. Stormwater Management Financing (134k PDF)
  29. Developing a Stormwater Management Utility (36k PDF)
  30. The Stormwater Utility Concept in the Next Decade (38k PDF)
  31. Credits Bring Economic Incentives for Onsite Stormwater Management (28k PDF)
  32. Credits as Economic Incentives for On-site Stormwater Management (822k PDF)
  33. Surface Water Fees Used to Reduce Urban Flooding (14k PDF)
  34. Ft. Wayne 1993 (2.6MB PDF)
  35. Guidance for Municipal Stormwater Funding (1MB PDF)
  36. Town Finds Answer to Drainage Problems by Forming Stormwater Utility (14k PDF)
  37. Practical Issues in Adopting Local Impact Fees (59k PDF)
  38. Changes for Urban Runoff (1.3MB PDF)
  39. Financing Stormwater Management: The Utility Approach (4.4MB PDF)
  40. Efficent and Effective Impact Fees for Urban Water Systems (2MB PDF)
  41. Stormwater Management Through User Fees (12k PDF)
  42. Calculating System Development Charges for Stormwater Facilities (34k PDF)
  43. User Fees: The Key to Managing Stormwater Costs (21k PDF)
  44. Operation, Maintenance, and Management of Stormwater Systems (1.5MB PDF)
  45. Stormwater Management for the 1990s (45k PDF)
  46. Rooftops to Rivers: Green Strategies for Controlling Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflows (1.9k PDF)
  47. Impact Fees: A Method of Paying for Growth in Florida (805k PDF)
  48. Stormwater Program Funding in California (1.6 PDF)
  49. Financial Strategies for Stormwater Management (36k PDF)
  50. The Utility Approach to Stormwater Management (23k PDF)
  51. Utility Solves Wastewater Problems (14k PDF)
  52. Establishing a Stormwater Utility in Florida
  53. FEMA Management Plan, 2005 (9.2MB PDF)