Burlington County Bioreactor Landfill Publications

  1. Bacterial Population Development and Chemical Characteristics of Refuse Decomposition in a Simulated Sanitary Landfill (1,909k PDF) (1989. M.A. Barlaz, D.M. Schaefer and R.K. Ham)
    The experiment with the microbial and chemical analysis for the landfill.
  2. Practice Review of Five Bioreactor/Recirculation Landfills (761k PDF) (2007. C.H. Benson, M.A. Barlaz, D.T. Lane and J.M Rawe)
    Data and graphs describing landfill characteristics and leachate management.
  3. Environmental Impacts of Landfill Bioreactorcells in Comparison to Former Landfill Techniques (162k PDF) (2001. Michael Binder and Torleif Bramryd)
    Data and maps describing the potential for nutrient recovery and heavy metal immobilization in the waste residue, and full scale leachate data as well as laboratory leaching experiments.
  4. Monitoring Approaches for Landfill Bioreactors (315k PDF) (2004. Thabet Tolaymat, Ph.D. Fran Kremer, Ph.D. David Carson and Wendy Davis-Hoover, Ph.D)
    It is including anaerobic decomposition fundamentals, key monitoring parameters for bioreactor Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills, interim industrial liquids/sludge addition issues and suggested sampling techniques.
  5. Biological degradation of MSW in a Methanogenic Reactor Using Treated Leachate Recirculation (299k PDF) (2005. Ruo He, Dong-sheng Shen, Jun-qin Wang, Yong-hua He, and Yin-mei Zhu)
    MSW composition, Ems inoculums, experimental design and its analysis and conclusions.
  6. The Study of Landfill Microbial Communities Using Landfill Gas and Landfill Gas Condensate (3,643k PDF) (2003. Mijin Kim)
    Sanitary landfill's biological and chemical changes, collection method, growth of pure cultures, nucleic acid extraction, rRNA Quantification by Slot-blot Hybridization and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Amplifications.
  7. Innovative Biological Treatment Processes for Wastewater in Canada (1,379k PDF) (2003. Catherine N. Mulligani and Bernatd F. Gibbs)
    Aerobic biological treatment, anaerobic processes, wetland system, metal treatment processes, use of biosurfactants.
  8. Nitrogen Management in Bioreactor Landfills (423k PDF) (2003. G. Alexander Price, Morton A. Barlaz and Gary R. Haten)
    Experimental design including MPV tests for total anaerobic and denitrifer populations and effect of nitrate on methane yield and solids decomposition.
  9. Distributed Model of Solid Waste Anaerobic Digestion ~ Effects of Leachate Recirculation and PH Adjustment (160k PDF) (2002. Vasily A. Vavilin, Sergey V. Rytov, , Ljudmila Ya, Spyros G. Pavlostathis and Morton A. Barlaz)
    Effect of liquid flow rate, effect of initial biomass spatial distribution and pH adjustment.
  10. State-of-The Practice Review of Bioreactor Landfills (2,013k PDF) (2005. Craig H.Benson, Morton A. Barlaz, Dale T. Lane, James M. Rawe, David Carson and Thabet Tolaymat Ph.D)
    Water stream, Liner system, Leachate collection system, landfill gas collection & management system, landfill operations, Water decomposition and stabilization.
  11. The Fate of Nitrogen in Bioreactor Landfills (2,290k PDF) (2005. N.D. Berge, D.R. Reinhart and T.G Townsend)
    Bioreactor landfill operation and ammonia-nitrogen in leachate.
  12. Landfill Settlement with Decomposition and Gas Generation (541k PDF) (2005. Ertan Durmusoglu, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu, F. ASCE and Kagan Tuncay)
    Gas production model, municipal solid waste (MSW) management.
  13. Operation Problems in Anaerobic Digestion Plants Resulting from Nitrogen in MSW (355k PDF) (2007. Klaus Fricke, Heike Santen, Rainer wallmann, Axel Huttner and Norbert Dichtl)
    Biological process of anaerobic digestion, exhaust air and waste water.
  14. Composition and Characteristics of Excavated Materials from a New Jersey Landfill (261k PDF) (2005. Ross M. Hull, Uta Krogmann, M.ASCE and Peter F. Strom)
    Composition of excavated waste, physical and chemical characteristics of excavated waste, implications, potential end use, combustibility of selected excavated waste fraction and landfill volume for relandfilling excavated waste.
  15. Present and Long-Term Composition of MSW Landfill Leachate: A Reviw (2,427k PDF) (2002. Peter Kjeldsen, Morton A. Barlaz, Alix P. Rooker, Anders Baun, Anna Ledin and Thomas H. Christensen)
    Stabilization process in landfills, present MSW landfill leachate composition including general leachate composition, dissolved organic matter, inorganic macrocomposition, heavy metal attenuation & mobilizing process in landfill, Xenobiotic organic compounds (XOCs) and toxicity of landfill leachate.
  16. In Situ Nitrogen Management in Controlled Bioreactor Landfills (572k PDF) (1998.Turgut T. Onay and Frederick G. Pohland)
    This paper focuses on investigations with bioreactor landfill simulations to demonstrate the potential for in situ nitrogen remocal in dedicated nitrification/denitrification zones.
  17. Key Physiology of Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (59k PDF) (1999. Marc Strous, J.Gijs Kuenen and Mike S.M. Jetten)
    Physiology temperature & PH ranges, affinity, inhibition and prolonged exposure to nitrogen.
  18. Bioreactor Landfills: Experimental and Field Results (350k PDF) (2002. Mostafa Warith)
    This paper presents the results of an experimental study carried out to determine the effect of solid waste size, leachate recirculation and nutrient balance on the rate of municipal solid waste (MSW) biodegradation.
  19. US EPA Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, Disposal in the United States: Facts and Figures for 2006 (873k PDF)
  20. US EPA Municipal Solid Waste Data 2006 (949k PDF)
  21. US EPA Methodology for Estimating Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Benefits (104k PDF)
  22. Development of a Dynamic Energy Balance to Assess Operating Efficiency of the Burlington County Bioreactor Landfill in New Jersey (USA) (106k PDF)
  23. Burlington County Bioreactor Landfill Study - Final Report (862k PDF)
  24. BCRRC Water Balance
  25. Optimizing Bioreactor Landfills: Biogas Production and Nitrogen Biotransformation (803k PDF)